Modern Slavery and Child Labour / Young Workers Statement


Statement of Accountability
Evtec Automotive are committed to the principles of integrity and always seek to operate in an ethical manner. As part of this Evtec Automotive complies with all relevant legislation particularly in this case in terms of employment law relating to conducting right to work in the UK checks for all employees and ensuring individuals are free to enter into a contract of employment where rights on both sides are clearly defined. Evtec Automotive operates a Whistleblowing policy and encourage individuals to highlight any potential issues of concern in confidence that these will be dealt with seriously, confidentially (where possible) and without recrimination for the individual involved. It also highlights external routes for raising issues if the Employee deems this appropriate in the circumstances.


Evtec Automotive will take forceful action to deal with any reports of slavery and/or people trafficking as well as adhering to the standards set out by the International Labour Organisation regarding the employment of children and Young People, either internally or within our supply chain and will involve other relevant external bodies such as the Police and Border Agency where required.


Supply Chain
Evtec Automotive has developed a more robust procedure with regards to management of our supply chain and now have a dedicated department dealing with this area. As part of this suppliers are required to comply with Evtec Automotive code of conduct and Modern Slavery & Child Labour / Young Worker Policy, and we will confirm their own commitment to eradicate any chance of slavery and/or people trafficking taking place within their own business or respective supply chains. As a Company we seek to build long lasting relationships with suppliers to reinforce the expectations of our business behaviours while increasing our confidence in their commitments from our suppliers by being able to see these in action. All our suppliers are regularly audited, and these requirements are reviewed as part of this process.


The Company position on this matter is published internally on notice boards and on shared information areas (physical and electronic) and communicated out by the management team throughout Evtec Automotive.


This statement seeks to meet our Company’s obligations under section 54(1) Modern Slavery Act of 2015 by outlining the steps that we have taken, and continue to take, on this issue in the financial year 2023/2024.


Evtec Automotive Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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